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Roadshow: Should Caltrain get a new name when it's electrified?

Published Friday July 29

Photo: Mercurynews

Q Let me suggest a topic that might be fun: When we electrify Caltrain, should we change the name?

Caltrain is a throwback to when the state took over in the 1980s, and the Joint Powers Board decided to keep the name since it was an established brand. Well, lots of well-established brands change their names.

I thought you could have some fun and not doubtedly spark reader interest in the idea.

San Mateo County Transit District

A I love the idea, though I must admit I like the Caltrain moniker as well. But I am sure train riders and and can suggest better names when the line from Gilroy to San Francisco is electrified in 4 or 5 years.

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